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Syria - Joint communiqué by Jean-Marc Ayrault and Boris Johnson (Paris, July 28, 2016)

They condemned in the strongest terms the continued siege of Aleppo by the Syrian regime and its allies. The siege of this city, where about 300,000 people are trapped, makes it impossible for (...)

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UK – Meeting between Jean-Marc Ayrault and his counterpart, Boris Johnson (Paris, 28.07.16)

This first trip to France by the British foreign secretary offers an opportunity to discuss the most important international issues of the day, on which we work closely with the United Kingdom, (...)

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European Union - Michel Barnier named chief negotiator in charge of preparing and conducting negotiations with the United Kingdom under article 50 of the EU treaty (27.07.16)

He sent Michel Barnier a message of congratulations.

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Venezuela – Meeting between Jean-Marc Ayrault and his counterpart, Delcy Rodriguez (Paris, 27.07.16)

They reviewed our bilateral cooperation. Mr. Ayrault addressed the difficult situation in Venezuela and reiterated France’s support – in conjunction with that of our European partners – for the (...)

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Syria – Bombing of Aleppo hospitals – Jean-Marc Ayrault’s statement (23 and 24.07.16)

Such actions clearly contradict resolution 2286, in which – last May – the UN Security Council condemned violence against the sick, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel in armed conflicts. (...)

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Tourism - Economy - Matthias Fekl visiting Economic Stability Unit in Nice (25.07.16)

He traveled to that city with Emmanuel Macron, minister of the economy, industry and the digital sector, and Martine Pinville, minister of state for commerce, small-scale industry, consumer (...)

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Promotion of tourism - Jean-Marc Ayrault travels to Centre-Val de Loire region (26.07.16)

He met with travel professionals at several iconic Loire Valley châteaux to discuss France’s appeal to tourists. This trip reflects national and local government efforts to promote French (...)

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Les autres actualités de la semaine :

Syria - Attack in Qamishli (27.07.16)

We assure the Syrian people of our total solidarity. France is an active part of the international coalition against Daesh and reaffirms its determination to combat (...)

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Somalia – Attack in Mogadishu (26.07.16)

We offer our condolences to their families. France expresses its solidarity with the Somali authorities and African Union Mission in Somalia. Together with our international and European (...)

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Israel/Palestinian Territories - Expansion of Gilo settlement building plan (26.07.16)

This decision, which comes on top of other announcements of settlement expansions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank since early July, sends a new negative signal. As the July Quartet report (...)

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UN – Central African Republic – Renewal of MINUSCA mandate (26.07.16)

This renewed mandate will allow MINUSCA to better protect civilians and deal with armed groups. It expands its role in the country’s long-term stabilization by giving it additional (...)

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Japan – Attack at a center for the disabled (Sagamihara, 25.07.16)

We offer our condolences to the families of the victims. France assures the Japanese people and authorities of its solidarity at this difficult time.

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Iraq – Attacks in Baghdad and the Baghdad area (24 and 25.07.16)

It offers its condolences to the victims’ families and expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi people. A member of the international coalition opposing Daesh, France reaffirms its determination (...)

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Saudi Arabia - Executions (25.07.16)

France opposes the death penalty everywhere and in all circumstances.

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Syria – Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria (25.07.16)

Hundreds of thousands of people in that city are being bombed on a daily basis by the regime and its allies. France stressed how essential it is to end these operations, which are a gross (...)

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European Union - Harlem Désir attending meeting of European ministers (Bratislava, 24-25.07.16)

The first meeting of European affairs ministers hosted by the Slovak presidency, it carries forward the EU’s strategic agenda. Mr. Désir noted that new momentum is needed to tackle the multiples (...)

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Vietnam - Matthias Fekl attending the High-Level Economic Dialogue between Vietnam and France (Paris, 25.07.16)

In advance of the Vietnamese President’s visit in early September, this meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the implementation of major French-Vietnamese industrial projects and new (...)

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